Cavity Wall Tie Photography.
So YOU can see if corroded.


Photograph below shows pull testing a cavity wall tie to check fixing strength with certified equipment

REPORTS: Aldred Ltd independent damp / timber / wall tie / thermal heat loss / building defect reports are specific to that property and include CAD drawings and many photographs giving sensible, practical advice  on how the client themselves, or someone of their choice may resolve many problems by addressing general maintenance & condensation issues using good traditional construction techniques rather than an often unwanted and unnecessary chemical approach, that may be a waste of time and money.When work is required budget costs based upon local contractors rates can be included within reports to help clients appraise a property.

Aldred Limited can specify damp / timber / wall tie requirements, including basement design, manage projects and test upon completion. This is a useful service for clients checking contractors actually did the work they quoted for. 



Report CAD layout plans with photographs showing & explaining problem areas
Pull Meter

Aldred Ltd undertake expert witness reports and will inspect / test to determine if previous work was undertaken correctly & to British Standards. Unscrupulous contractors may try and evade a justifiable re-treatment claim with jargon or excuses typically because re-treatment for a contractor is a total loss to them.  Strange how they diagnosed rising dampness or active ‘woodworm’ at initial inspection but when asked to re-inspect they say it is anything but! Asking one contractor to inspect another’s work is a likely legal conflict of interest and this is one benefit of using an independent specialist surveyor.



Report sectional CAD drawings provide illustration to problems discussed within report text

For the purchaser viewing several properties, we offer an inspection day or evening, by ourselves for dampness, external defects allowing moisture ingress, timber problems, wall tie defects, general disrepair, etc (accompanying the client if required, so they can have any problems we find pointed out to them, discuss causes, remedies and ask relevant questions). This low cost specialist, in depth survey by Aldred Ltd is comparatively, a very economic method of helping the client decide which properties to then proceed with purchase negotiations. Asking one contractor to inspect another’s work is a likely legal conflict of interest and this is one benefit of using an independent specialist surveyor.

Mid Air

Faulty wall tie installed by 'specialist' in ‘mid air’.  It fails to tie the cavity wall, & broke brickwork, causing  internal dampness.

Cavity Insulation

Cavity wall insulation failing to fully fill cavity & causing damp from chronic cold spots.

Condensation & mould growth
Misdiagnosed as rising damp by
remedial contractor selling a dpc .
Why pay for unnecessary work ?


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